The fourth transnational meeting of the PREP project took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, and proved to be another significant milestone in the project’s journey. With representatives from partner institutions, including TU Dublin, Saarland University, UAB Learnkey, and European Strategy Consulting, the meeting was a platform for reflection, planning, and collaboration.

Feedback and Project Refinement:

A substantial portion of the meeting was dedicated to reflecting on the progress made and incorporating valuable feedback from the partner institutions. The partners engaged in thorough discussions to refine the entrepreneurship education course for incarcerated individuals. This course is central to the project’s objectives and its effectiveness in preparing prisoners for successful reintegration into society.

E-Learning Integration:

One of the primary focuses during the meeting was the integration of e-learning elements into the course. The partners recognized the importance of modern teaching methods and technology to make the educational materials accessible and engaging for the target audience. As a result, they discussed the methodology for incorporating e-learning, which included the design and structure of the digital course content.

Webinar Promotion and Live Demo:

During the meeting, the partners also explored strategies for promoting the project and disseminating its outcomes. To this end, a webinar was organized, featuring guest speakers who shared their insights and experiences in the field of prisoner entrepreneurship. The webinar provided a platform for the project to reach a broader audience and gain recognition.

The highlight of the webinar was the live demonstration of the e-learning course. Mindaugas of the UAB Learnkey presented a live demo, showcasing the course’s content and functionality. This demonstration was met with enthusiasm, and it further illustrated the project’s innovative approach to education.

Piloting Planning:

Looking ahead, the partners discussed the forthcoming piloting phase of the project. They elaborated on the logistics, timeline, and strategies for piloting the course in selected correctional facilities. This phase is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of the materials and making necessary adjustments based on real-world testing.

In conclusion, the fourth transnational meeting in Vilnius served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the partner institutions in the PREP project. It marked a significant step forward in refining the entrepreneurship education course, integrating e-learning elements, and promoting the project’s objectives. With the piloting phase on the horizon, the project is well on its way to achieving its goal of empowering incarcerated individuals with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful reintegration into society.


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