The third transnational meeting of the PREP project was held in Bucharest, Romania, with partners from TU Dublin, Saarland University, UAB Learnkey, and European Strategy consulting coming together once again. Building upon the progress made during the previous meetings in Saarbr├╝cken and Dublin, the focus of this meeting was to further develop the entrepreneurship education course for prisoners, with a special emphasis on incorporating e-learning elements.

The first day of the meeting was about in-depth discussions of the elearning methodology. The project partners reviewed the course content developed so far and discussed its refinement. Each partner provided valuable insights and expertise from their respective fields, enhancing the overall quality and relevance of the material. Productive discussions took place, leading to an agreed-upon outline and structure for the e-learning course.

On the second day, the meeting took a unique turn as the partners visited Jilava Prison, located near Bucharest. The purpose of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by prisoners and the current state of teaching and support systems within the prison. This hands-on experience allowed the project partners to witness firsthand the context in which the entrepreneurship education course would be implemented.

During the visit, the project partners had the opportunity to engage with the prisoners directly. These interactions provided valuable perspectives on the prisoners’ aspirations, concerns, and potential for personal growth through education and skill development.

With insights gained from the visit and discussions, the project partners brainstormed innovative ways to structure the e-learning course. They considered strategies for making the course engaging and interactive while ensuring it remained compliant with the prison’s regulations and security protocols.

Overall, the transnational meeting in Bucharest proved to be a profound and enlightening experience for the project partners. Visiting Jilava Prison and engaging with prisoners and prison authorities reinforced the importance and impact of the entrepreneurship education course. The partners left the meeting with renewed determination and enthusiasm to continue their collaborative efforts in developing a comprehensive and transformative e-learning course, empowering prisoners with the knowledge and skills needed to embark on a positive path of personal and professional growth.

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